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Experience Delta Airlines


Delta Air Lines (or Delta), as you know, is a legacy carrier in the United States and one of the major airlines. They stand firm on making their advertising slogan true- “We’re Ready When You Are”. And they’ve constantly been there for the members of society, as and when they needed. The best part about flying with this airline is that people at Delta believe that travelling isn’t just about the commute but also, about bringing the world together.

Why choose Delta Air lines Reservations?

Delta Air Lines work extremely hard to get people connected with their flight and vacation deals. They operate in around 300 destinations in 50 different countries. And every day is a challenge, with 15000 departures (including flights operated by partners). Every individual working with the airline have been recognized for believing in unity and acceptance. Let’s look at what makes the airline even better, with its reservations and services offered.


  • They offer filtered searches with “Shop with Miles”, “Refundable Fares”, “Date Flexibility”, and some “Advanced Search” options (some other services offered by the airline).
  • You can even download the Delta Air Lines App for easier access.


Delta Air Lines allows you to arrange all your travel plans with extreme security. It provides a real-time schedule and corresponding fares. All you have to do is fill in and confirm your itinerary by paying for the trip and you’ll simply be in for a treat. Let’s go by the steps of the process:

  1. Visit the official page online> Click on “Book”.
  2. Type in your “to and from” travel places.
  3. Choose from “Round Trip”, “One Way”, or “Multi-City” suiting your preference.
  4. Submit your “Departure” and “Return” dates accordingly.
  5. Confirm the headcount details.
  6. Hit the “Search Arrow in Red” to check the best-suited flights.


Delta Air Lines has exclusively curated 12-key points that make a better understanding of what customer services they offer. They call these points their Customer Commitment. Let’s take a look at it:

  • Low Fares- It offers the lowest fares available on flights, keeping in mind all your travel needs.
  • Delay, Diversion and Cancellation Notification- Their guests are constantly notified of flight status updates within 30 minutes of acquiring the information.
  • Baggage Delivery- A lot of times, passengers find their check-in luggage missing, the airline thrives to deliver them within the first 24 hours.
  • Refunding the Non-refundable tickets- You have the benefit of cancelling and getting a refund on your reservations, for any reason, a day after making it till midnight.
  • eCredits and refund Offering eCredits, 7 days refund policy on credit card purchase, and 30 days refund policy on cash and check purchases.
  • Hospitality- Taking care of guests with special abilities and children travelling alone.
  • Tarmac Delay-  Catering to the needs of all guests during long tarmac delays.
  • Guest service for oversold flights- Handling and calming passengers in case of oversold flights.
  • Transparency- Maintaining transparency with the cancellation policy, frequent flyer rules, seating configuration, loo availability on flights, with just a call.
  • Information updates- Providing updated information with giving you time to reschedule and/or change your travel plans.
  • Responsiveness- Immediate responsiveness with guest complaints.
  • Mitigating inconvenience services- Avoiding inconvenience on cancellations and diversions by re-booking, WI-Fi on the aircraft, hotel accommodations, and much more.


When we talk about a healthy living environment, we immediately go to taking care of nature. But at Delta Air Lines, took this to an entirely different level. Their primary focus has been on connecting and bringing people together through their travel plans. With that being said, to encourage acceptance in the member of the society, they chose diversification. They strongly believe in their statement- “We can’t connect people unless we reflect it”.

Therefore they brought diversity in hiring members of the organization. They brought in people from several cultures who believed in togetherness and with a perspective of multicultural inclusiveness in the services they provide. Other than this they’ve contributed to environmental sustainability by committing a billion dollars over the next ten years and Gives out 1% of its net annual income to the places they dwell and work in.


Focusing on valuing each individual and encouraging acceptance among multicultural perspectives, Delta Air Lines has not just been connecting travel routes, but also people. They believe in togetherness and that’s how they’ve curated their 12-key points as the Customer Commitment. Booking flights is a cakewalk and your experience gets refined when you can filter your flight searches. Along with offering high utility to their guests, they’ve also been contributing to nature’s sustainability, giving out funds to in-need places and of course, hiring people from diverse backgrounds. In other words, it is simply a hub of kindness that lets your heart fly free.